Need an ultrasound?

PRC Changing Lives

Ultrasounds are needed for different reasons. Ultrasounds are important whether you are seeking an abortion or prenatal care. They assist you in determining how far along you are and if the pregnancy is located in the uterus. Whatever your reason, we here to assist you. Below is what a client said for just this option.

I was referred to Pregnancy Resource Center by my OB because my insurance did not cover an ultrasound. I would have had to pay over $500 to get one through my OB! I was told that I can’t start my prenatal care until I get an ultrasound so I looked to PRC for assistance. My husband and I had such a pleasant experience at the center. The ladies there were extremely nice and helpful. I got a free pregnancy test and ultrasound and even came home with a few free maternity clothes and books for my toddler. The information I was given was very accurate based on my conception date…which was so cool! I highly recommend this place if anyone is looking for a pleasant experience and support while pregnant.