Perinatal Education

We are happy to announce the launching of our Perinatal Education Program.

Classes are offered at the main clinic located at 1570 Soquel Dr. Ste 3 & 4 (across from Dominican Hospital).
Call 475-2200 for current class dates. If you have any questions please feel free to give a call as well.
We find that education along with exploring your hopes, dreams, concerns & even fears, can be a huge benefit to you and your family. There will also be time to help each of you make the best pregnancy & birthing plans for your own unique situation and needs.
This class will provide time to discuss the benefits of good nutrition during pregnancy & postpartum. We will also be exploring how to balance your needs for rest and exercise.
• Preparation for Labor & Birth is a Series of 4 Classes designed to help you in this work of growing a baby & giving birth.
• Preparation for Breastfeeding
Join us for a relaxed and informative time of exploring the challenges and the joys of feeding your newborn. This will be a time for you to gain confidence and learn to more fully trust in your skill as a parent.
• Newborn Care, Early Parenting & Safety in the Home
We will be discussing the early days, weeks & months of being together with your new baby. We will also talk about making a nest that is efficient & safe for both you and your newborn. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and share any concerns that you might have.