What’s abstinence?

We describe sexual abstinence as “the resting place of your sexual activity until marriage.”

Sexual activity refers to more than just sexual intercourse.  It refers to any activity involving genital contact or stimulation.  This is important because it’s possible to get an STD without having sexual intercourse!  (Did you know that many STDs can be transmitted through oral sex, and in some cases skin-to-skin contact?)

i-heart-abstinenceSome young people choose to save sex throughout high school or college, which is great!  But we encourage young people to aim even higher.  If you want sex to be truly special, save it as a wedding gift for your spouse.  Abstinence is the only way to stay 100% safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.  It will also guard your heart from many of the worries and hurts that can come from being sexually active outside of marriage.

Fast Facts

  • 53% of teenagers are not having sex.
  • 63% of teenagers who had sex wish they had waited longer.
  • Globally, people have had an average number of 9 sexual partners.
  • Teens who drink alcohol are 7 times more likely to have sex than those who don’t drink.