Pressure Lines

Guy:     C’mon sweetie.  Let’s just explore.
Girl:      What are you, Columbus?  Get back on your ship and go home.

Girl:      So, how ’bout after the dance, we go back to my place?
Guy:     How ’bout I call you a cab.  That way you can still brag to your friends that you went home with a guy.

Guy:     Look, it’s my way or the highway.
Girl:      This isn’t a Burger King drive-through!  You can’t have it your way.

Guy:     Every other girl does it.
Girl:      Then why don’t you go out with her.

Girl:      So I bet you could really take a girl to heaven.
Guy:     I think you have me confused with God.

Guy:     You owe me for all the dates I’ve taken you on!
Girl:      So bill me.

Girl:      Don’t you wonder what sex is like?
Guy:     Yeah… then I imagine what herpes is like.

Girl:      Y’know, a real man would go to bed with me!
Guy:     A real lady wouldn’t even ask.

Guy:     Baby, we’ve waited long enough.  I want your body.
Girl:      That’s too bad.  I checked NO on my ORGAN DONOR card.

Guy:     If I don’t get it, I am going to die!
Girl:      I’m sure going to miss you.

Guy:     What’s the big deal?  Not scared, are you?
Girl:      I’m not, but some people I know should be.  Had a blood test lately?

Guy:     Baby, you don’t know what you’re missing!
Girl:      Yeah, but I know what you’re missing.

Girl:      What’s wrong with you!  It will make you a man!
Guy:     Honey, my dog does it, and it doesn’t make him a man.