Fast Facts

  • The average age of first exposure to internet porn is 11
  • There is a significant relationship between the frequent use of porn use and feelings of loneliness and major depression.1
  • Addiction to pornography is chemically nearly identical to a heroin addiction. 2

Teens exposed to pornography often have:

  • Lasting negative or traumatic emotional responses.
  • Sexual intercourse earlier, which increases the risk of STDs over one’s lifespan.
  • The belief that sexual satisfaction is achievable without having affection for one’s partner.
  • The belief that being married or having a family is unattractive.
  • A higher chance of developing sexual compulsions and addictive behavior.
  • Increased risk of exposure to incorrect information about human sexuality.

The truth about porn

If you checked out the video you learned that pornography acts much like a drug and has very addictive qualities about it. If you are interested in how porn affects your mind, brain and our world further head on over to fight the new drug’s webpage for the most up to date scientific and psychological facts out there about porn. It is also important to note that porn is an equal opportunist addiction, so whether you are male or female, young or old, porn is seeking to take hold of your life. Most importantly you are not alone in your struggle and there is hope offered to those who wish to break the habit.

Porn. Does it make you feel uncomfortable to talk about it? It’s something we usually avoid talking about in public settings isn’t it? Even if we did talk about it, it’s usually just a bunch guys or gals sitting around giving their own personal opinions about it isn’t it? If you went online and searched for how porn affects you, you’ll find 101 different opinions. You would have to spend hours and days searching before you came to the reality of porn, what it’s actually like, what it does to someone’s mind, and the long-term effects it has on those who use it. You see the thing is porn companies get paid by selling people based on lies. They don’t want you to know what actually happens to the actors, what their lives are like or how viewing porn can hurt your development as a healthy person. They know that if you knew the truth you wouldn’t want to view or watch porn and that would stop them from getting rich. So here it is the truth and reality of porn.

Did you know that many of the women working in the porn industry have been sexually abused or raped prior to their entry in the industry? It’s difficult to get the exact statistics due to the secrecy of the industry but we also know that many actresses and actors use drugs to cope with what they are asked to do during scenes.

Need help?

If you are struggling with pornography and are looking for a way out, fortify offers free help to teens 20 years of age and under.

Please contact us for a list of resources if you are struggling with a sexual addiction.


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