Pregnancy Development


The hair and eye color, height and sex is determined.

One Month

one monthBy week 4
The heart is beating and the eyes begin to show.

Two Months

two monthsBy week 8
The brain waves can be detected and recorded. She/He has little fingers, is moving around and can even feel! All the major organs are working. The baby is a little over an inch long.

Three Months

three monthsBy week 12
He/She can open their their eyes, move around, swallow and experience hiccups, the ears, mouth and nose are developed. The baby is over 2 inches long.

Four Months

four monthsBy week 16
The eyelashes, eyebrows and some ‘fluff’ on their head is developed. She/He can hear sounds outside of your body, turn somersaults and yawn and stretch. She/He drinks the liquid that surrounds them. The baby is 6 inches long.

Five Months

five monthsBy week 20
At this point you can find out whether it’s a boy or girl. The baby is kicking and moving around a lot now and weighs over 8 ounces and is 10 inches long.

Six Months

six monthsBy week 24
Creases have begun to appear on the fingertips and palms of their hands. She/He is reacting more to sound and can move in rhythm to music she/he hears. The baby is 13 inches long now.

Seven Months

seven monthsBy week 28
She/He can probably dream when asleep and can open their eyelids and look around. She/He can even cry and is 15 inches long and weighs 2 pounds!

Eight Months

eight monthsBy week 32
There’s less movement now because he/she is filling up most of the space in the womb. She/He may already be in the head down position. The baby is 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds, 3 ounces.

Nine Months

nine monthsBy week 36
If the baby were born now, she/he would be fine. The baby is 18 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds, 5 ounces.


The growth pattern described above is recognized medical information, documented by scientific research. Slight variation in development days may exist from individual to individual.

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