Options Counseling: abortion, adoption and parenting. Only you can decide which option is best.


Abortion is the decision to end a pregnancy. Ending the pregnancy can done through different medical procedures depending upon how far along you are. This decision may be made because you feel that you are not ready to parent, are in a destructive relationship, or feel like you don’t have the tools to be a parent right now. It may also seem like an immediate relief from your pressures or fears.


The process of adoption is when you give birth and then choose someone else to parent your child. It’s a permanent, legal agreement where you agree to place your child in the care of another person or family permanently. You also decide whether you want to be part of your child’s life with the person or family you choose to parent your child.


Parenting may be joyful, rewarding, and life changing — many parents say it’s the best decision, and the hardest decision they ever made. Having a baby is a lifelong commitment that takes lots of love, energy, and patience. It’s normal to have lots of different feelings about whether you’re ready to take on the challenge of parenting.