Student Feedback

What are students saying about TASk?

Task Team

  1. “This was by far the very best sex ed class I have ever been in! I really liked how you were so down to earth and not cheesy and lame. Keep up the good work.”
  2. “I had heard this stuff before, but hearing it from someone who experienced it impacted me a lot more.”
  3. “Your SexEd class really affected me. I liked your attitude and outlook. Thank you so much for helping me realize saving sex isn’t only for nerds.”
  4. “I learned about relationships in a fun way.”
  5. “It’s not boring and it really makes you realize things. Other speeches it’s like, ‘Oh no, another sex talk,’ but this really made me think. THANK YOU!”
  6. “Super stuff to make you a responsible and proud person.”
  7. “It’s changed my views on a lot of things and it’s shown me that love can be that much more powerful is you wait.”
  8. “I’m going to stay a virgin until marriage and I’m going to be a lot more careful about which guys I date.”
  9. “It changed my whole attitude… may have saved my life!”
  10. “My boyfriend has wanted to have sex and I was going to, but after this presentation I told him I did not want to and he respected my decision. Thank you!”
  11. “I wish someone had told me way sooner.”
  12. “I think teens should hear this message cause it makes them think about how sex may affect them.”
  13. “This was a really good presentation. I hope you keep telling other students.”
  14. “You changed my ideas about sex.”
  15. “Thanks for the heads up. It’s gonna make me think twice now.”
  16. “I think what you’re doing is cool. I think that all teens need to hear your message.”
  17. “I thought your presentation was really good. I actually didn’t fall asleep. You made it exciting and interesting.”
  18. “My favorite part of your presentation was the ten Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship. I think that will help my family and I out a lot, because I posted it up in our family hallway so we can all see it and use it as an example. The story you told us that happened to you was AMAZING. It had a REALLY BIG impact on my life and point of view of sex. I myself got an abstinence card because I want to save my virginity for when I get married, thanks to you.”
  19. “I would like to tell you that as you were talking I decided to stay a secondary virgin. I learned that having more than one partner is not fun at all. You know that’s not the way I thought about sex before you came to my class to talk to us. Now I think about my future. On Saturday I went to a clinic to do a checkup. You know what I mean, don’t you? Well, I was lucky because I’m fine. I also realized that who cares what people say about you being a virgin. I know I should of thought this way before.”
  20. “I think saving sex makes it more special in the long run and you can be happier when it finally happens.”
  21. “Dude. It was so fun. Please dude come again.”
  22. “I want to give my husband my whole complete heart and know that he won’t break it.”
  23. “You opened my eyes. Now I understand that my virginity is more important than I thought and how precious it is. Thank you.”
  24. “About 1 year ago I had already made the choice to be abstinent. When you came in and told us your story, it made me feel different and at the same time proud of myself for being abstinent. I hope that teenagers/adults have people like you come in their class and teach them about abstinence. Because I really do think that it will help them throughout their lives. Thanks a bunch!”
  25. “I would like to thank you for coming and teaching me about abstinence. Now that I showed my mom the card on abstinence she trusts me to be around friends and have a good time without doing dumb stuff like drinking or smoking.”
  26. “I myself am still a virgin and when you talked about pressure you were totally right. Sex always comes up in conversations but I’m proud to say I haven’t done it. Your presentation was very clear and informing which made it easy to understand. It really kept my attention. I also want to thank you for telling us your story. It really gave us a sense of reality. Most of us think that when we hear about people getting STDs that it won’t happen to anyone we know. So when we heard your story it let us know that it definitely can happen to anyone.”
  27. “I think after this presentation more teens are going to choose abstinence. I know that I have chosen abstinence. My boyfriend also respects my decision. He asked me if I wanted to and I said no and he hasn’t asked again. That’s why I think your presentation is going to help.”
  28. “I learned that once you lost your virginity you get to have another chance. I was stupid to have sex with my boyfriend.”
  29. “By saving myself, not only am I respecting myself, but I’m showing respect to my future husband.”
  30. “For the first time in school I was actually paying all my attention to the presentation.”
  31. “I had sex before. It ripped me apart.”
  32. “I think you are one of the best speakers ever. Now I’m treating my friends with more respect because I didn’t know how to treat the ladies.”
  33. “I had vowed to myself to wait to have sex until I was married when I was thirteen. However, I didn’t realize the true meaning of abstinence until your presentation. That day I reaffirmed and modified my vow of abstinence.”
  34. “I didn’t really know that sex should be special till you told us. Before I used to think oh it’s just sex, whatever. But then I thought about it and you were right. Before people would come to our class and talk about protection and all of that stuff but the way you presented to us was interesting and fun so thank you a lot.”
  35. “A lot of high schoolers think it is “cool” to have sex. Teens today are always getting abortions because they had sex either being too young or just not knowing who the father is from having sex with more than one person. In my family everybody has kids when they are young. I definitely don’t want that. My aunt stayed abstinent until she got married. I see how she lives now; being old enough to have a child, having her act together, and being able to be married, and know how to care for a child makes me want to wait to have sex. There are so many things to do besides sexual activity. I just want to thank you for coming in and telling us about what abstinence is, and why it is so good to be abstinent.”
  36. “Thanks in one billion ways.”
  37. “I really like how we did a little skit on Friday. It made class fun.”
  38. “I really liked your presentation on how stuff in the media influences us.”