What is the TASk Team?

TASk Team

The TASk Team is a group of high school and college students who desire to empower teens to be sexually abstinent until marriage. The team performs a variety of comical and dramatic skits that guide the audience to think about their sexual choices. Team members also share their personal story about why they decided to be abstinent and how that impacts their life.

What do students think about the TASk Team?

  1. “Thanks to your talk and the skits I want to wait till marriage. Thank you.”
  2. “All of the actors were really funny.”
  3. “The TASK team came at the right time for me. Without them I might have made the worst decision of my life.”
  4. “I would like to start off saying that when I first heard you talk about staying abstinent, I thought it was pretty lame. Like, some guy I’ve never heard of just came into my health class and started preaching to us about how ‘sex is great, but don’t have it yet!’ But I didn’t really understand what you were trying to get at until yesterday (Friday), when the TASk team came in and did the skits. On the surveys the class handed in earlier in the week, I was one of the people who wrote that ‘you can still have a healthy relationship with sex.’ Well now I KNOW that it mostly just complicates things. I felt (and still feel) so strongly about that, I decided to become abstinent myself and dump my way-too-sexual boyfriend. I would also love to be a part of the TASk team so I can help people my age (older and younger) realize what I realized: that you don’t have to have sex to have a good relationship, and so on. So I would like to know, how does someone become part of the TASk team?”
  5. “Your skits were very interesting. They made me really think about abstinence. I’ve never really thought it was a big deal, but now I know it is a very important decision in my life.”
  6. “The skit that really got me was the “Second Chance!” I have been with my boyfriend for over a year, but we started having sex a while ago. I regret that we didn’t wait longer, even though we care for each other. Luckily our relationship is very good because I shared my feelings with him and he agreed that we should wait. We may not be virgins, but we have chosen abstinence. Your presentation made me feel better about our choice. I know that it is the right choice for me because I don’t want all the stress from worrying about pregnancy, STDs or emotional issues. I have high goals for myself in school and I want to go to a great college. I also don’t want to set a bad example for my younger sister. I love & respect my parents and share everything with them & they support me no matter what I do. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed this.”
  7. “Ever since I was born, my parents/religion has taught me that abstinence is the right thing to do until marriage. However, this past year & a half I have been in a great relationship with my boyfriend. A lot of the things you brought up in your skits are things that I have been thinking about lately, and to tell you the truth, the Task Team couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have been thinking about sex with my boyfriend, but how I also want to be abstinent, and I have been having a hard time deciding between the two. After hearing the skits, and especially the personal stories, it has made me decide I want to continue to be abstinent. So thank you for helping me stay strong in what I believe and re-teaching me the benefits of being abstinent.”
  8. “I thought it took a lot of courage to come into our class and do all of those great skits and explain to us why and when you all decided to choose abstinence! I thought it helped open our eyes and ears to a different perspective on waiting until marriage to have sex. The skits really helped relate it to what actually might happen in a real life situation. Also it was good how the skits had a lighter yet real touch on them and I think you should do this for years to come! So thank you Task Team and I think you made us all think!”
  9. “I liked the skits the best. They were entertaining and encouraging.”“It brought humor to a serious subject. Usually in my other classes, all we do is learn by notes and videos. But it was really nice to see other kids my age talking about it.”